PhD students of Cycle XXXIII   (Nov 2017 - Oct 2020)

Computer Engineering and Science Curriculum

Pict. Name Tutor Research Topic Profile/Notes

Paganelli Matteo(email)

Prof. Francesco GuerraIntegration of large and open datasetsAdmitted with Scholarship
Mobility: Università di Utrecht - Prof. Yannis Velegrakis from 15/09/2020 to 15/12/2020

Fabbri Matteo(email)

Prof. Rita CucchiaraHuman Behavior Understanding by Computer Vision in the Deep Learning EraScholarship from 01/06/2018
Mobility: PANASONIC SILICON VALLEY LAB (USA) from 11/02/2019 to 11/02/2020

Parmiggiani Nicolò(email)

Prof. Domenico Beneventano
Ing. Andrea Bulgarelli (INAF)
Data management for astronomical data and science alerts

Electronics and Telecommunications Curriculum

Pict. Name Tutor Research Topic Profile/Notes

Zagni Nicolò(email)

Prof. Paolo Pavan
Cotutor: Prof. Francesco Maria Puglisi
Characterization of electronic properties of new materials for innovative devices (non-volatile memories, high speed transistors, neuromorphic devices)Admitted with Scholarship
Mobility: PURDUE UNIVERSITY, INDIANA (USA) from 01/04/2018 to 30/09/2018
PURDUE UNIVERSITY, INDIANA (USA) from 01/03/2019 to 27/08/2019

Industrial applications of ICT

Pict. Name Tutor Research Topic Profile/Notes

Bergamini Luca(email)

Prof. Simone CalderaraMachine Learning for analysis and recognition of livestock in the wild. - Grant by Farm4Trade srlAdmitted with Scholarship
Mobility: University of Edinburgh, Prof. Robert Fisher from 01/04/2019 to 30/09/2019

Salierno Giulio(email)

Prof. Letizia Leonardi
Prof. Giacomo Cabri, Ing. Sabatino Morvillo (Alstom)
Cotutor: Nicola Bicocchi
Innovative Signaling Application based on usage of formal/semiformal methods - Grant by Alstom BolognaAdmitted with Scholarship
Mobility: Shanghai Polytechnic University - Prof. Yuewei Bai from 15/09/2018 to 14/12/2018

Grazioli Filippo*

Prof. Roberto VezzaniComputer Vision and Artificial Intelligence for HMI and autonomous driving in automotive - Grant by Ferrari SpAAdmitted with Scholarship
Retired on Giu 2018

Bombarda Davide(email)

Prof. Giorgio Matteo Vitetta
Ing. Giovanni Ferrante (Alstom)
SoC usage in railway signalling applications - Grant by Alstom BolognaAdmitted with Scholarship

Morrone Giovanni(email)
(dottorando del dottorato "Enzo Ferrari" in Industrial and Environmental Engineering- scuola E4E)

Prof. Sonia Bergamaschi
Dr. Leonardo Badino (Speech and Communication Team - Center for Translational Neurophysiology, Ferrara)
Deep Learning for Audio-Visual Speech Enhancement and Separation