Courses Coordinators


Extended Doctorate Council

The ICT School Council is composed by full and associate professors and researchers.

Members from Italian universities

Full ProfessorsAssociate ProfessorsResearchers

Members from Foreign universities, companies and research infrastructures

Foreign universitiesCompanies and research infrastructures

Student Representatives

ICT Doctorate Board

Advisory Board (Giunta)

Committee for Teaching Organization (years 2017-)

Technical Scientific Committee (years 2013-2017)

  • Prof. S. Bergamaschi (School Dean)
  • Prof. G. M. Vitetta
  • Prof. G. Cabri
  • Dr. Markus Aleksy (ABB spa, Germany)
  • Prof. Christelle Aupetit-Berthelemot (Engineering National Superior School of Limoges, France)
  • Prof. Antonio Corradi (Università di Bologna, Italy)
  • Dr. Piero De Sabbata (Enea, Italy) - until 2014
  • Dr. Alberto Ginesi (European Space Agency) - until 2013
  • Dr. Paolo Santi (CNR, Italy)
  • Prof. Paolo Tiberio (Università di Modena e Reggio Emilia, Italy)
  • Prof. Marcel Worring (University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
  • Prof. Hans-Jurgen Zepernick (Blekinge Institute of Technology, Sweden)

Main Department

Department of Engineering 'Enzo Ferrari' (DIEF), University of Modena and Reggio Emilia

via Vivarelli 10 - 41125 Modena Italy
Tel  :+39 059 2056111
Fax :+39 059 2056129

Other Departments involved: Department of Physical, Computer and Mathematical Sciences (FIM)