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Congratulazioni a Luca Bergamini, Matteo Fabbri, Matteo Paganelli, Nicolo Parmeggiani, Giulio Salierno e Nicolo'Zagni che hanno conseguito il Titolo di Dottore di Ricerca (via streaming)!

Tommaso Zanotti is awarded the Travel Award 2021 by the Journal of Low Power Electronics and Applications

One of the students of the International Ph.D. school in ICT, Eng. Tommaso Zanotti, has been awarded the "Travel Award 2021" by the international open access "Journal of Low Power Electronics and Applications" for his research results on innovative energy-efficient neuromorphic and Logic-in-Memory computing architectures based on emerging non-volatile memories, performed under the supervision of Prof. Francesco Maria Puglisi.

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PhD Course on Data Analytics

The aim of the course is to introduce students to two important elements of data engineering technology that makes it possible to extract valuable knowledge from “Big Data”, namely distributed data processing using the MapReduce framework, and data analytics of large graphs. In each case, the course will first introduce fundamental theoretical and architectural concepts, and then present technology for using MapReduce and querying large graphs, respectively. For MapReduce, we present examples of algorithms that can be successfully parallelised and thus are able to take advantage of distributed data architectures, and we will suggest practical exercises using the Spark and Hadoop technology stack. Regarding graph analytics, we focus on community detection algorithms as an example, and we will usethe Neo4J graph DBMS along with the Graph Data Science library for practical exercises.

The course will be held online in the ICT class of Microsoft Teams by professor Paolo Missier and Ph.D. Luca Gagliardelli


I prissimi webinar in programma  (di cui inoltriamo anche il link diretto alla weroom dedicata) sono:
  • 26 aprile 2021 ore 10.00 – 12.00 - Bibliometria, valutazione della qualità, Open access, Ufficio bibliometrico - Andrea Solieri e Simona Assirelli - Ufficio bibliometrico di ateneo – SBA - 
  • Webroom: link
  • 3 maggio 2021 ore 11:00-13:00 - Comunicare la ricerca, da Galileo alla citizen science - Federica Manzoli – Direzione ricerca, trasferimento tecnologico e terza missione (DRTTTM);
  • Webroom: link
  • 3 maggio 2021 ore 14:00-15:00 - Progettare la ricerca in Europa: valorizzazione dei risultati - Dott.ssa Nadja Saendig – Direzione ricerca, trasferimento tecnologico e terza missione (DRTTTM);
  • Webroom:  link

Presentation events of E4E (Engineering for Economics) doctorate School

On the 24th February at the E4E (Engineering 4 Economics and Economics 4 Engineering) will be presented in an online public event in which the school activities are presented to the public. Additionally, past PhD students will illustrate their achievements during their industrial PhD career. The event is open to public and it is a good chance to better understand and cooperate with the E4E school.

For program details and subscription pls see


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Matteo Interlandi
Senior Scientist, Microsoft
My current role: I am currently Senior Scientist in the Gray Systems Lab (GSL; a lab named after Jim Gray, Turing Award winner) within Azure Data. My current research focus lies in the intersection between database systems and machine learning: specifically I am applying lessons from the former to make the latter more scalable and performant.
Well, first of all in Microsoft you can became a scientist only if you have a PhD! Secondly, the PhD helped me in jumping on the path that then led me here. In fact, my PhD was on Datalog, a logic base variant of SQL. During my studies, I met Carlo Zaniolo, professor at University of California, Los Angeles. In the last 6 months of my PhD, I visited Carlo, and eventually met with Tyson Condie, an assistant professor which recently joined UCLA. Tyson offered me a PostDoc position, and after completed the PhD, I flew to Los Angeles with my wife, were we stayed for about 3 years. Tyson was a former Microsoft researcher, and during the 3 years with me, I eventually met with my current manager, which then hired me at Microsoft. Bottom line, everything started with the PhD (and hard work).)