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Designazione rappresentanti degli studenti nel collegio ICT

Esito designazione rappresentanti degli studenti nel collegio ICT: Stefanini Matteo (CSE) XXIV ciclo eletto a maggioranza (10 voti su 11); Luca Lusvarghi (ET) XXXV ciclo eletto a maggioranza (5 su 9 voti); Del Buono( IAI) eletto a maggioranza (10 su 14 voti). Benvenuti!

Tommaso Zanotti is awarded the Best Student Paper Award at IEEE IIRW 2020

One of the students of the International Ph.D. school in ICT, Eng. Tommaso Zanotti, has been awarded the "Best Student Paper Award" at the international conference IEEE IIRW 2020 for his paper entitled "Circuit Reliability Analysis of In-Memory Inference in Binarized Neural Networks", under the supervision of Prof. Francesco Maria Puglisi.

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Presentation events of E4E (Engineering for Economics) doctorate School

On the 24th February at the E4E (Engineering 4 Economics and Economics 4 Engineering) will be presented in an online public event in which the school activities are presented to the public. Additionally, past PhD students will illustrate their achievements during their industrial PhD career. The event is open to public and it is a good chance to better understand and cooperate with the E4E school.

For program details and subscription pls see


D-Day 2021

Dear PhD students,
the next "D-Day" event has been scheduled on Friday, 5 March 2021 (see the attached draft poster). This event represents an opportunity for presenting your research activities.

PhD Courses on Ferroelectric Technology for Low-Power Neuromorphic Chips

In the framework of the BeFerroSynaptic H2020 EU project, a cycle of teaching courses conceived for PhD students will be given on the hot and intriguing topic of Ferroelectric Technology for Low-Power Neuromorphic Chips. The seminars, planned on Feb. 12th and 19th, will cover aspects related to a wide spectrum of disciplines ranging from materials up to device engineering and neuromorphic circuit conception, with an eye on the system-level organization of futuristic ultra-low-power chips for pervasive artificial intelligence. PhD students how are interested in participating should contact Prof. Francesco Maria Puglisi ( to receive instructions on how to join the meetings.

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Stefano Alletto
Senior Research Engineer, Panasonic Beta AI Lab / MILA
My current role: As a research engineer at Panasonic Beta AI lab, I work on bleeding edge research topics such as generative adversarial networks, neural architecture search, multimodal fusion. Our job duties involve doing research in collaboration with universities, publishing papers and pushing the state of the art for topics related to Panasonic business.
During my PhD I learned an invaluable set of skills related to computer vision and machine learning. Furthermore, during my abroad period, I managed to create important contacts with people and companies in the silicon valley which ultimately resulted in being offered a job there