Tommaso Zanotti is awarded the Best Student Paper Award at IEEE IIRW 2020

One of the students of the International Ph.D. school in ICT, Eng. Tommaso Zanotti, has been awarded the "Best Student Paper Award" at the international conference IEEE IIRW 2020.
The conference committee expressed significant appreciation for his work entitled "Circuit Reliability Analysis of In-Memory Inference in Binarized Neural Networks". In this work, under the supervision of Prof. Francesco Maria Puglisi, he showed how an innovative binarized neural network architecture based on emerging resistive memories - that he concieved and developed during his Ph.D. - can achieve remarkable performance improvements (at least 100-fold) as compared to state-of-the-art embedded systems in the task of image recognition, with immediate applications in several strategic industrial sectors (e.g., automotive, smart surveillance, smart medicine, industry 4.0).