PhD student Ruben Asanovski recipient of the INFOS 2023 best student paper award

Modena 29/06/2023

Ruben Asanovski, PhD student of our School in ICT, Electronics and Telecommunications track, is the recipient of the Best student paper award at the 2023 Insulating Films on Semicondutors Conference (INFOS 2023) for his collaborative research and oral presentation aimed at "Investigating the Correlation between Interface and Dielectric Trap Densities in Aged p-MOSFETs Using Current-Voltage, Charge Pumping, and 1/f Noise Characterization Techniques". The work leverages experiments carried out during a stage at IMEC (Belgium), supported by the internationalization programme of UnniMORE. The imec (Dr. Jacopo Franco and Dr. Ben Kackzer) UniMORE (Prof. Luca Selmi) and UniUD (Prof. Pierpaolo Palestri) co-authors congratulate the winner for the prestigious award received at one of the most accredited conferences in the field of micro and nanoelectronics, now in its 23rd edition.