Seminar “Managing Diversity by Mastering Unconscious Bias” by Marijana Cvitkusic

“Managing Diversity by Mastering Unconscious Bias” by Marijana Cvitkusic.

When: Thursday Jul 16, 2020

Time: 4:30 PM - 5:30 PM

Participation is free and open to everyone, just use the Web-Ex link below.

Event address for attendees:
Event password: Diversity2020 (34837748 from phones)

Host: Valeria Bragaglia, Kirsten Moselund, Jean-Marc Hunziker
Marijana Cvitkusicis HR project manager and freelancer with over 18 years of professional experience in the financial industry. She is focused on future of work topics, workplace culture and organizational change and has been leading diversity initiatives to promote an inclusive culture at work.
In her talk, she will share her experiences and discuss best practices about managing diversity for professional success by developing strategies to deal with unconscious biases. Cognitive biases affect our lives and the way we do business and make decisions at work. Stereotyping, implicit assumptions and biases occur regularly and can affect the psychological safety of teams, distort hiring and promotion decisions, and influence with whom we choose to work on joint projects and socialize. In the larger corporate context, unconscious biases can prohibit creating a more diverse pool of workforce, hinder innovation and affect the bottom line.
Marijana’s talk is a call to action to manage diversity like a champion by adopting personal strategies and tools to reduce biases – thereby fostering a culture of innovation and people engagement that the economy of the future depends on.
This talk is hosted by Valeria Bragagliaof our Science & Technology department and Kirsten Moselund, Diversity Representative at the IBM Research Zurich Lab, and produced in cooperation with Jean-Marc Hunziker, Mgr Client Center Think Lab - Zurich.
We hope you can join this important conversation.

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