Academic English Workshop

Schedule :

AEWI : 22/6 9-12 ; 24/6 9-12 ; 1/7 9-12 ; 3/7 9-1

The workshop aims at giving an overview of the linguistic conventions adhered to by the English-speaking academic community, focussing on aspects such as the structure of research articles, the writing of abstracts and the preparation of conference presentations. More specifically, the workshop will try to raise the participants' awareness of the rhetorical and discourse patterns characteristic of academic English, introducing them to the skills required to produce texts which are accurate both from a grammatical and a stylistic point of view. Ample opportunities will be given for practice, both in the analysis and the production of texts. In particular, special attention will be given to argumentative writing techniques and to special genres such as the abstract and conference presentations.

Written assessment: abstract writing; oral assessment: conference presentation.

CFD: 3

videoconference with Zoom:

All students can attend directly (see instruction for accessing zoom)