Brain-Inspired Computing Workshop 2021

I would like to inform you that it is possible to register online for free to the Brain-Inspired Computing Workshop 2021 that will take place in Modena (MO), Italy, 7-8 October 2021.

The workshop, now at its second edition after the well-received premiere in 2019, is based on invited contributions and aims at exploring different aspects of neuromorphic computing: from biologically realistic models for computation to synaptic and neuromorphic electronics to drive the latest generation of artificial neural networks. Many industrial applications based on artificial intelligence (AI) have emerged and are all based on existing technology and computational paradigms. One of the main challenges for the future expansion of AI is to draw inspiration from the way human brain works in the development of new hardware and software emulating computation performed by neurons and synapses. This workshop will address this issue in a highly interdisciplinary scenario. The main objective is to bring together different communities (e.g., electronic engineers, computer scientists, neuroscientists) and explore together areas of research apparently distant from one another such as experimental and computational neuroscience, electronics, and informatics maintaining a common thread.

The programme of the event has been planned as a free two-day event that will happen in mixed-mode, i.e., participation can either be remote or in presence.
The programme includes four different sessions and an open discussion/round table before wrap-up. A Social Dinner in the beautiful countryside in close proximity to Modena (optional participation to be specified at the time of registration - requires a cash fee to be paid on-site) with convenient transportation to/from the venue will also take place.

The line-up of the speakers, the timeline, the registration form, and all relevant info are available at this link.
Please be reminded that registration is mandatory.

We hope to see you at the Brain-Inspired Computing Workshop 2021.

Best Regards,

The Organization Committee of the Brain-Inspired Computing Workshop 2021

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