Courses of Academic Year 2013/2014

A preliminar list of the didactic offer of the ICT doctorate follows. The list will be completed and updated during the year.
Seminars on Bibliometrics and research Evaluation will be offered by UNIMORE for all the doctorate courses.

Plastics in electronics

Lecturer: prof. Francesco Pilati


  • 18 Giugno - 9:00-13:00 - meeting room  MO27  (ex DII-DIMEC building – first floor)
  • 19 Giugno - 9:00-13:00 - FA-1F (P1.6) lecture room
  • 25 Giugno - 9:00-13:00 - FA-2D (P2.4) lecture room
  • 26 Giugno - 9:00-13:00 - FA-2D (P2.4) lecture room


Both traditional and advanced plastics (the latter often specifically developed for electronic devices) are widely used in electronics. Therefore, the course aims at giving the basic information about the characteristic behaviour of traditional plastics and at highlighting how macromolecules can potentially be exploited to develop novel electronic devices.


In particular, the arguments of the course will be:

  1. Definitions and classifications of plastics; basic concept of molecular structures and main features of plastic behaviour. The possible use of additives to modify the plastic properties towards taylor made materials will be emphasized.
  2. A short account on advanced plastics for electronics will be also given. In particular about: Polymers for organic electronics; Stimuli-responsive polymers; Shapememory polymers and actuators
  3. A deeper discussion about properties of plastics will be given for thermal and mechanical properties and electrical and optical properties

The lessons will be complemented by visits to the Department’s labs where instruments for the characterization of polymers are available.

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