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International Doctorate School in Information and Communication Technologies

The International Doctorate School in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) is organized by the Department of Engineering Enzo Ferrari (DIEF) of the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia in collaboration with other Research Partners.


The educational offer and research opportunities aim at providing PhD students withe skills required for research and development activities accomplished by universities, public or private research institutes, and private companies. A board of internationally recognised Italian and foreign professors is responsible for the educational activities and contributes to the organisation of the doctoral program.


The ICT International Doctorate School combines basic research with its applications in industry; in fact, substantial attention is paid to the technology transfer of the ideas developed in the research activities. In addition, the research topics offered by the School are theoretical and applied, and PhD activities range from innovative applications to theoretical research. The involvement of private companies helps ensuring the practical activities of research activities, whereas the qualified board of the School University guarantees innovation as well as a wide scientific background in basic research. This collaboration between industry and academia  is also evidenced by the availability of various research grants covered by research projects and other partners.


If you are a potential applicant of the PhD School in ICT, please give a look at the school program, or at the leaflet briefly illustrating the School program.


Since Feb. 27, 2012 the website has been revamped. Some old data (e.g. lists of past courses) has not been migrated and is available here.