PhD students of Cycle 29

Computer Engineering and Science Curriculum

NameTutorResearch TopicProfile

Pierazzi Fabio(email)

Prof. M. ColajanniSecurity analytics: methodology and toolsDownload

Solera Francesco(email)

Prof. R. CucchiaraLearning human behaviours by computer vision

Albano Lorenzo*

Prof. D. BeneventanoSemantic annotation for big data integrationDownload

Missiroli Marcello(email)

Prof. M. ColajanniSecurity and privacy over the cloudDownload

Catalano Christian*

Prof. M. ColajanniInformation security

Varini Patrizia(email)

Prof. R. CucchiaraSemantic video processingDownload

Electronics and Telecommunications Curriculum

NameTutorResearch TopicProfile

Patriciello Natale(email)

Prof. M. CasoniReti di telecomunicazioni per le emergenze e il soccorso nei disastriDownload

Puviani Luca(email)

Prof. G. VitettaMachine learning techniques applied to cognitive sciences and information technologiesDownload

Klapez Martin(email)

Prof. M. CasoniStudy and analysis of the emergency networks of the futureDownload

Di Tullio Gianpietro*

Prof. L. RovatiInnovative sensors for biomedical and industrial applicationsDownload

Industrial applications of ICT

NameTutorResearch TopicProfile